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Pure Molybdenum Target

Pure Molybdenum Target
Pure molybdenum target, also known as molybdenum sputtering target, can be divided into two types, that is, molybdenum planar target and molybdenum rotary target.
In physical vapor deposition technology (PVD), pure molybdenum target with high purity over 99.95% is an important key on the production of thin film. High purity, homogeneous microstructure and outstanding electrical conductivity provide high quality thin film. When the high-quality pure molybdenum target used in TFT-LCD screens, it can ensure particularly sharp image quality.
Application of Pure Molybdenum Target
Molybdenum planar target and rotary target are widely used in TFT-LCD for flat panel display, wiring material for large integrated circuit in semiconductor industry, automotive glass, optical glass, ion coating, CIGS solar cell and x-ray tubes for mammary industries, with all applicable planar and rotary system.
We can offer complete testing equipment for identifying physical properties like density, hardness, surface roughness and so on. And we can inspect the possible internal injury of pure molybdenum target like porosity and crack with eddy current tester and ultrasonic equipment, to ensure high quality. For TFT-LCD molybdenum target, we can offer vacuum welding for large-size molybdenum target with copper base plate. Through our exact process and strict quality control, our pure molybdenum target binding with copper base plate has finest flatness degree and bonding ratio.
Package and Transportation
We pack pure molybdenum target in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum and niobium products. The above mentioned pure molybdenum target (molybdenum sputtering target) is guaranteed in quality, gaining widely reputation. For more information, please contact us immediately.
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