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Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

Thoriated Tungsten Electrode


2% thoriated tungsten electrode, which is also known as WT electrode, contains a minimum of 97.30% tungsten and 1.70 to 2.20% thorium. Featuring longevity and ease of use, they've become the most commonly used electrodes today.
Thorium plays an important role in increasing the electron emission qualities of thoriated tungsten electrode, which can improve arc starts and allow a higher current carrying capacity.
As thoriated tungsten electrode operates far below its melting temperature, there is considerably lower rate of consumption and less arc wandering for greater stability. It also features making less welding contamination than other electrodes.
To meet different customers' needs, we are able to provide various kinds of thoriated electrodes with different content of thorium.

Advantages of Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

1. Lower electronic functions
2. Higher crystallization temperature
3. Better conductivity
4. Superior mechanical cutting performance


Unlike pure tungsten, these thoriated tungsten electrodes are suitable for specialty type AC welding (thin gauge aluminum or materials less than 060-in.), but they are exceptional for DC electrode negative or straight polarity on carbon and stainless steel, nickel and titanium applications.
In the process of production, thorium is evenly dispersed throughout thoriated tungsten electrode and such evenness makes it possible for the electrode to maintain a sharpened edge—the ideal electrode shape for welding thin steel.

Parameters of Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

Type Additives Content W% Sing color
WT10 ThO2 0.90~1.20% >98.4 Yellow
WT20 ThO2 1.80~2.20% >97.5 Red
WT30 ThO2 2.80~3.20% >96.5 Purple
WT40 ThO2 3.80~4.20% >95.6 Orange

Tolerances of this

Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

Diameter( mm ) Tolerance (mm) Length (mm)
Φ0.30-Φ2.0 ±0.05 50~175 ±1
Φ0.30-Φ2.0 ±0.1


1. Since thorium is radioactive, you must always follow our warnings and instructions.
2. Pay attention to the type, diameter, quality, roughness, and tip geometry of thoriated tungsten electrode.

Packaging and Transportation

We normally pack ten thoriated tungsten electrodes in a plastic box with mark and several boxes in a plywood case by sending them via ocean or air.
Lantytk® Corp. was founded in 2008, specializing in producing tungsten products, including the thoriated tungsten electrode (WT electrode). With the above information for reference, if you show interest in this electrode, please free to contact us or directly enter our website for more information.
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