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Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Tungsten Rhenium Wire


Tungsten rhenium wire, also known as tungsten-rhenium wire, solid, round and smooth, can be free of weld joints, slivers, kinks, pits or nicks exceeding 5 % of diameter. It has a uniformly clean surface and is free of discoloration. The thermal elements, which are all heat treated, are available for reaching the specified ductility.
Made of tungsten alloyed with 3%, 5%, 25% or 26% rhenium, W-Re alloys become more ductile and machineable. And due to the good electrical properties, they are widely used as high temperature thermocouple materials.
As the most common material, tungsten rhenium wire is used for the production of heaters for dispenser cathodes. And its performance may depend on a range of factors, including cold work and rhenium content variation.

Advantages of Tungsten Rhenium Wire

1. High melting temperature
2. Extreme chemical erosion resistance
3. Ability to maintain ductility after recrystallization
4. High electrical resistivity over a wide temperature range
5. Good thermal shock resistance


Tungsten rhenium wire is principally used for the production of dual tungsten rhenium wires, electrodes of high-performance lamps, electrodes of laser and cathodes of electron tubes, etc. In addition, it is also used for military electronic devices.

Packaging and Transportation

We pack tungsten rhenium wire in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.

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