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Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum Wire


Molybdenum wire is a kind of consumable. It is made up of precious metals such as molybdenum. The high quality molybdenum materials are processed to filamentous products adopting hot and cold drawing technology. Molybdenum wires can be grouped into black and white types or spray and wire cutting types. We can also offer doped type with La2O3 or Y2O3. Our company can provide molybdenum products of different diameters above 0.03mm according to customers' requirements.


1. Molybdenum wire can be used as hot cathode or gate in electron tube, sealing parts of glass or ceramics, electronic-vacuum and electric light source parts, and high temperature heaters. It can be also employed to roll molybdenum foil and remake small specification ones.
2. Its high wear resistance performance makes it an indispensable part of metal spraying technology. It is applied in automatic components, such as the surface of piston ring, synchronous ring, and transition elements, aiming to increase their wear resistance.
3. As wear thin film, spraying molybdenum wire can be coated on the surface of the piston ring, transmission parts, etc. It also can be appropriate for bearing shell and axis.


1. This molybdenum product has super strength of extension. It features excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance in a variety of harsh thermal and corrosive environments.
2. Molybdenum wire is stable and high precision in cutting. It is not easy to fracture and has long operating life.
3. The molybdenum product is in vacuum package and accurate in measuring. It can preserve for a long time.
4. Its melting point is 2620°C (4748 °F), featuring good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Package and Transportation

We pack molybdenum wire in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
Established in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of molybdenum wire in China. This molybdenum product mainly exported to United States, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy and other international markets, winning widespread recognition and praise.
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