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Pure Tungsten Electrode

Pure Tungsten Electrode


Pure tungsten electrode, also known as wolfram electrode, can be manufactured with black surface, polished surface or ground surface. It is normally marked with green. This kind of tungsten electrode is firstly used when welding argon arc. But under DC welding condition, the electrode can't prone to arc and may maintain unstable situation. In these circumstances, adding rare earth oxide can greatly improve the situation. Pure tungsten electrodes can work as welding electrode under ac condition or as resistance welding electrode.
Pure tungsten electrodes (AWS classification EWP) contain 99.50% tungsten and are typically less expensive than "alloyed" counterparts.


1. Pure tungsten electrode provides great arc stability for AC welding with balanced wave. It also provides good arc stability for AC sine wave welding, especially on aluminum, magnesium, their alloy and stainless steel.
2. This electrode has superior features of small steam pressure, low resistance, good electrical conductivity and small thermal expansion and high elastic modulus.

Technical Parameters of Pure Tungsten Electrode

Diameter(mm) Tolerance( mm ) Length( mm )
Φ1.0-Φ2.4 ±0.05 50~175 ±1
Φ3.0-Φ12.0 ±0.1


When you choose TIG tungsten electrode, you should attach much importance on its type, diameter, quality, surface roughness and tip geometry.

Package and Transportation

We normally pack ten pure tungsten electrodes in a plastic box with mark and several boxes in a plywood case by sending them via ocean or air.
Founded in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. specializes in producing tungsten product, like tungsten rod, tungsten powder, tungsten electrode, etc. Above is some description of one category of tungsten electrode, which is called pure tungsten electrode (wolfram electrode). If you are interested in this product, please enter our website and learn more. We have many types for your reference.
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