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Tungsten Copper Heat Sink

Tungsten Copper Heat Sink


Tungsten copper heat sink, a kind of copper tungsten product, is a term for a component or assembly that transfers heat generated within a solid material to a fluid medium, such as air or a liquid to prevent thermal damage.
Tungsten copper composites, with copper content (by weight) of 10 to 30 percent, are often used to make heat sinks. Tungsten copper heat sinks are developed with unique features such as high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion rate, and low dielectric constant.


As a copper tungsten product, tungsten copper heat sink is a composite. So both the thermal advantages of copper and the very low expansion characteristics of tungsten can be utilized.
The combination of these two materials results in thermal expansion characteristics similar to those of silicone carbide, aluminum oxide, and beryllium oxide, used as chips and substrates.
Tungsten copper heat sinks are extensively used as thermal mounting plates, chip carriers, flanges, and frames for RF, light emitting diodes and detectors, laser diode packages like pulse, single emitter, bars and complex carriers for optoelectronics amplifiers, receivers, transmitters, tunable lasers, etc.

Features of Tungsten Copper Heat Sink

1. High thermal conductivity
2. Excellent hermeticity
3. Excellent flatness, surface finish, and size control
4. Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products available.

Performance of Tungsten Copper Heat Sink

Material Composition W-10Cu W-15Cu W-20Cu W-25Cu W-30Cu
Density (g/cm3) 17.1 16.4 15.5 14.8 14.2
TC (W/m·K) 191 198 221 235 247
CTE (×10-6/K) 6.3 7.1 7.6 8.5 9.0

Package and Transportation

We pack tungsten copper heat sink in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
Founded in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. specializes in manufacturing tungsten copper heat sink. It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of copper tungsten products. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.
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