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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Products


Tungsten heavy alloy products are made from WNiFe, WNiCu or WNiCuFe through powder metallurgy process. Some rare metals like Co, Mo, Cr can be added to improve products performance like hardness, ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and elongation, in order to make them suit different applications and working environments.


1. The density of tungsten heavy alloy products is 16.85-18.85 g/cm3, much denser than other metal products.
2. They are strong in absorbing radiation, 30-40% higher than lead.
3. Their thermal conductivity is 5 times higher than die steel. And the coefficient of thermal expansion is 1/2-1/3 lower than iron or steel.
4. They are good in conductivity, weldability and machinability.


Tungsten heavy alloy products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medical and other industries.


1. Tungsten alloy radiation shielding
This kind of tungsten heavy alloy products can be used in both medical and industrial settings. Tungsten alloy (heavy metal) is ideal for shielding against X rays and gamma radiation. They are always used as radioactive source and transport containers, FDG container, PET syringe shields and vial shield in isotope production, transport, and containment.
2. Tungsten alloy counterweight
Tungsten weights and tungsten counterweights are used in applications such as weights in yacht, sailboat, submarine and other vessels, racing weights, tungsten stems for oil-well logging, tungsten fishing sinkers and so on.
3. Tungsten heavy metal boring bar
This kind of tungsten heavy alloy products is widely used for boring bars, grinding mandrels, tool shafts and all types of precision tool that require vibration-damping to ensure smooth running.
4. Tungsten alloy rotating inertia members
Rotating inertia members possess a high elastic modulus, high strength and density, low magnetism and good machinability, which enable our tungsten heavy alloy to be used in lots of applications.
5. Tungsten alloy high temperature molding part
This kind of tungsten heavy alloy products has longer service life than parts made from steel or satellite, good resistance to thermal cycling preventing cracking or heat-checking, great hot wear resistance to erosion and excellent resistance to soldering. No heat treatments required.
6. Tungsten heavy alloy ordnance components
The great properties of tungsten heavy alloy products make them applicable in hyper-velocity, armor-penetrating applications, fragmentation devices and kinetic energy penetrators.
7. Tungsten bucking bar
Tungsten bucking bars can significantly reduce vibration and greatly improve operator comfort.