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Tungsten Granule

Tungsten Granule


Tungsten granule, also known as tungsten particle, is small particles from tungsten metal. Its particle size is about 20-40 mesh and its high purity above 99.95%.


Tungsten granule is mainly for the purpose of frequency and high-frequency combustion infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer. It is mainly used as fluxing agent in the analysis of carbon and sulfur.

Parameters of Tungsten Granule

Appearance: Bright gray
Mesh Size: -1180μm+850μm(-16~+20) -850μm+425μm(-20~+40) -425μm+250μm(-40~+60) -250μm+180μm(-60~+80) Sieve
Contents: Carbon≤0.001%, Sulfur≤0.0007%, Oxygen≤0.05%

Package and Transportation

Tungsten granule is packed in iron bucket or plywood case and sent by ocean or air.

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