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Tungsten Crucible


Tungsten crucible, also known as tungsten melting pot, can be mainly divided into such molding ways as sintering molding (powder metallurgy technology is applied thereto), impact molding, spinning molding, lathing molding (usually has relatively small size) and using tungsten rod and welding processing with the appropriate technology.
Owing to the feature of tungsten that its melting point reaches 3410℃, tungsten crucible is widely applied in the industry of furnace such as sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, single crystal furnace, induction furnace and rare earth smelting furnace. And the temperature of tungsten crucible in working environment is above 2000℃. In the event of sapphire crystal growth furnace, high-purity, high-density, no internal-crack tungsten crucible with other features of exact measurement and smooth surface have a decisive effect on the success ratio of seed growth, quality control of pulling crystal, metamictization pot-committed and service life during sapphire growth process.


We are able to supply a complete set of testing equipment for physical properties like density, hardness, surface roughness and so on. Accordingly, the possible internal injury of tungsten crucible like porosity and crack can be strictly inspected while using the eddy current tester and ultrasonic equipment, so as to ensure the high quality.


1. Tungsten crucibles can be applied in sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, single crystal furnace, induction furnace, etc.
2. They also play a significant role in machinery processing, glass and ceramic manufacturing, metallurgical industry and light industry.
3. Tungsten crucible liners are very useful in electron-beam evaporation as they typically increase the evaporation rates of the material deposited. They also facilitate the task of changing evaporation materials. And we can provide crucible liners in a variety of sizes.

Parameters of Tungsten Crucible

Measurements and tolerances
Delivery condition Specification Tolerance Thickness Roughness (μm)
Diameter Height Diameter Height
Sinter 10~500 10~750 ±5.0 ±5.0 8~20
Finished sinter 10~450 10~550 ±0.5 ±1.0 7~18 <2.5
Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers’ requirements
Manufacturing process and equipment
Item Process Equipment Quality Check point
1 Tungsten powder 1 Purity of tungsten powder
2 Sieving High frequency vibrating screen 2 Fsss、HB
3 Mixed powder V shape mixer 3 Green strength
4 Isostatic pressing Isostatic pressing machine 1 Measurement of rough-processed billet
5 Rough billet lathing CNC vertical turning machine 2 Surface quality of rough-processed billet
6 IF sintering IF induction sintering furnace 1 Outside measurements of finished product
7 Competitive products lathing High-accuracy vertical turning machine 2 Surface quality and roughness of finished product,density
8 Package 3 Show certificate of quality


Featuring being heavy and fragile, tungsten crucible must be lifted gently and steadily.


1. Tungsten crucible has a very high purity above 99.95%.
2. The density is above 18.2 g/cm3.
3. The appropriate working temperature can be as high as 2300℃.

Packaging and Transportation

We pack tungsten crucibles in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
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