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Molybdenum Rod

Molybdenum Rod


Sintering molybdenum rod, also known as sintering molybdenum bar, as the raw material, is mainly used in pulling molybdenum wire and forging molybdenum rod. It is an important part in metal industry. As molybdenum features high melting point, forging molybdenum rod with high purity and high density shows excellent high-temperature proof of creep deformation. JBNR provides high-quality forging and sintering molybdenum rods with different surface requirements.


Molybdenum rod is widely used as electrodes, screw, heating element in high-temperature furnace, rabbles in rare earth smelting industry, parts for ion implantation, and heating electrodes in glass fiber industry and support of lamp in the lighting industry, etc.


Forging molybdenum rod
1. Purity: Mo≥99.95%
2. Density: ≥10.1g/cm3
3. Linearity: ≤1%
Sintering molybdenum rod
1. Purity: Mo≥99.95%
2. Density: ≥9.5 g/cm3
3. Linearity: ≤2%

Manufacture Process of Molybdenum Rod

Sintering molybdenum rod
Item Process Equipment Quality check point
1 Mo powder
2 Sieving High frequency vibrating sieve 1 Purity of molybdenum powder
3 Mixed powder V shape mixer 2 Fsss, HB
4 Check
5 Isostatic pressing Isostatic pressing machine 1 Measurement
6 Check 2 Unit net weight and surface quality
7 IF sintering IF induction sintering furnace 1 Measurements, unit net weight
8 Alignment 200T pressing machine 2 Density, linearity, surface quality
9 Check 3 Quality standard: GB/T17992-1999
10 Package 4 Show certificate of quality

Forging molybdenum rod
Item Process Equipment Quality check points
1 Sintering Mo rod 1 Density of product
2 Forge Forging air-hammer 2 Measurements
3 Machining Lathe, grinder 3 Linearity, surface quality
4 Check 4 Quality standard: GB/T17792-1999
5 Package 5 Show certificate of quality

Technical Parameters of Molybdenum Rod

Delivery condition Diameter Diameter tolerance(%) Max length
Forging or sintering <10 ±0.1 2500
10~30 ±0.1 2000
30~60 ±0.1 1500
60~100 ±0.2 1000
100~200 ±0.2 600
>200 Manufactured according to customers’ requirements

Package and Transportation

We deliver molybdenum rod in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
Established in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of molybdenum rods (molybdenum bars) in China. Our company can provide forging and sintering molybdenum rods according to customers' drawings.
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