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Molybdenum Alloy Target

Molybdenum Alloy Target


Our company has been specialized in the production of molybdenum alloy targets like tungsten faced molybdenum target, tungsten rhenium(W-RE) faced molybdenum target, tungsten rhenium faced TZM target, TZM target, Mo-Nb sputtering target etc, which are used in x-ray tubes for diverse X-ray applications.

Application of Molybdenum Alloy Target

For tungsten faced molybdenum target, it is often applied in mammographic applications for X-ray.
For Mo-Nb sputtering target, it is widely used in manufacturing LCD and touch screens and can also employed for solar cells and solar water heating.

Advantages of Molybdenum Alloy Target

We can offer complete testing equipment for identifying physical properties like density, hardness, surface roughness and so on. And the possible internal injury of target like porosity and crack can be strictly inspected with eddy current tester and ultrasonic equipment to ensure the high quality of molybdenum alloy target. Different targets' dimensions can be fulfilled. All our products are with superior quality and durable life.

Package and Transportation

We pack molybdenum alloy target in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.
Founded in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. specializes in manufacturing molybdenum alloy target. And the referred tungsten faced molybdenum target is a subcategory. They are superior in quality and service. For more information, please enter our website and learn more.
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