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Tungsten Carbide Alloy Products


Tungsten carbide alloy, also known as tungsten cemented carbide, is formed from powder metallurgy products sintered in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace, WC and Tic (refractory carbide) micro powder as main ingredients, and Ni and Mo as its binder. Tungsten carbide alloy characterizes high hardness, good wear resistance, high strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which is known as "industrial tooth". And its cutting speed is hundred times faster than carbon steel.


Tungsten carbide alloys are widely used as cutter materials like turning tools, milling cutters, planer tools, drills and boring cutters, which are used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metal, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing material.
Tungsten carbide alloys can also be utilized to fabricate drilling tool, digging tool, boring tool, hardware die (wire-drawing die, bolt mould, nut die or other fastening tool die), etc.

Classification of Tungsten Carbide Alloys

1. Tungsten Carbide Rod and Plate
Tungsten carbide rod can be used for manufacturing bit, automotive tools, printed circuit board, cutting tools, vertical milling cutter, reamer, whole carving knife, etc., at the same time, it can make punch, mandrel and punch tool.
Characterizing good durability and shock resistance, tungsten carbide plate is often used as stamping die. This kind of tungsten carbide alloy is widely utilized in electronics industry such as the motor rotor, stator, LED lead frame, EI silicon steel sheet, etc.
2. Tungsten Carbide for Petroleum and Mining
Featuring high speed, good wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, tungsten carbide alloys can be used in agricultural irrigation, urban greening and oil industry.
3. Tungsten Carbide Mould Series
Tungsten carbide die we manufacture features excellent corrosive wear resistance, available sizes and cost-effective production.
4. Tungsten Carbide Profiled Product
The profiled tungsten carbide alloy enjoys high quality with good properties, featuring small deformation, high precision, good toughness, wear resistance, high degree of finish, high precision and long service life.
5. Tungsten Carbide Saw
This kind of tungsten carbide alloy is a common tool used in wood processing. The quality of the saw attaches much on the quality of those processed products. Choosing reasonable saw blade plays an important role in improving products' quality, shortening process cycle and reducing processing costs.
6. Tungsten Carbide Milling Cutter
Tungsten carbide milling cutter is made by micro-grain-carbide with excellent surface. It has smooth vibrationless running, therefore significantly improving its service life. Due to extremely high cutting volume, it reduces part-costs and less production time. This kind of tungsten carbide alloy can also save tools for it can be used for roughing and finishing. Thus, increased productivity and profitability are achieved.