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Tantalum and Niobium Products


Tantalum products (Ta) and niobium products (Nb) are rare metals featuring high melting point and high bolting point. They also characterize corrosion resistance, superconductivity and monopolar electrical conductivity.


Tantalum products and niobium products are often applied in electronics, precision ceramic and glass industries. They are also utilized in cemented carbide, aerospace and biomedical engineering industries. In the metallurgical industry, tantalum and niobium are mainly used as additives for producing high strength alloy steel, improving alloy performance and making hard alloy tools.


1. Tantalum Powder
This tantalum product can be divided into two categories. One is capacitor tantalum, the other is metallurgical tantalum. Tantalum powder capacitors can fulfill its need to reach great capacitance in smaller spaces.
2. Tantalum Ingot
It is widely applied in the chemical, petroleum, medical care, manufacture and commodity-processing industries.
3. Tantalum Bar
This tantalum product is widely used in fabricating chemical process equipment, nuclear reactors, heat exchangers, aircraft and missile parts.
4. Tantalum Tube
Tantalum tube is also normally used as tantalum tubular sputtering target for semiconductor industry. It is generally applied as tantalum cathode with Hollow Cathode Discharge (HCD).
5. Tantalum Sheet
This tantalum product has good machining property in far below room temperature. It also shows excellent corrosion resistance.
6. Tantalum Wire
It features excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, easy to machine and good biocompatibility, mainly used as anode lead in the tantalum capacitors.
7. Tantalum Target
This tantalum product is used for lots of thin film applications such as a diffusion barrier material, memory devices and a gate electrode in MOSFET devices.
8. Tantalum Crucible
Tantalum crucible is used as container for rare-earth metallurgy, corrosion resistant containers in chemical industries and evaporation crucibles.
9. Tantalum Boat
This tantalum product is widely used in vacuum coating industry such as picture tube, mirror, toys, household appliances, mobile phones, electrical appliances shell and various accessories.
10. Niobium Ingot
Due to good corrosion-resistance and thermal-stable properties, this niobium product is widely applied in the chemical processing, semiconductor, medical industry, nuclear energy and high-temperature parts.
11. Niobium Rod
With high melting point, excellent anti-corrosion property and workability in cold environment, it is widely used in chemistry, electronics, aviation and aerospace industry.
12. Niobium Tube
This niobium product can be used as material for high pressure sodium lamp, nozzles and structural parts for airplane engines and anti-corrosion parts under strong acid environment in chemical processing industry.
13. Niobium Sheet
It can also be used for capacitor parts, sputtering targets for optic industry, superconducting material, electrical light material, refrigeration, artificial diamond and alloy addition, etc.
14. Niobium Wire
This niobium product is strong, corrosion resistant and can be colored in various shades, making it a good choice for jewelry making. By adding zirconium in niobium wire, the hardness and antioxidant properties can be greatly improved. A large quantity can be used in high pressure sodium lamp and anode leads for capacitors.
15. Niobium Target
This niobium product characterizes high ductility at room temperature, high resistance against aqueous solutions and metal melts and superconductivity.
16. Niobium Crucible
With high level of resistance and excellent formability, our niobium crucible is a preferred choice for manufacturing synthetic polycrystalline diamonds. It is used for high-pressure and high-temperature synthesis.
Founded in 2008, Lantytk® Corp. specializes in manufacturing tantalum products and niobium products. Due to high melting point, they are often utilized in sapphire growth furnaces, high-temperature furnace, medical shielding, semiconductor field, PVD equipment, oil wire logging field and other fields. If you are interested in such related products, please do not hesitate to contact us.