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Molybdenum Products


Molybdenum is a necessary trace element for human and animals and plants. It is silvery white, hard and tough. It features high melting point (2610°C), low thermal expansion rate, high heat conductivity, low vapor pressure, excellent corrosion resistance to molten metal and glass. Molybdenum products are widely used in smelting, aerospace, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, etc. According to customers' requirements, we will provide suitable pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloy.

Application of Molybdenum Products

1. Aerospace Industry
Molybdenum alloy can be used as the propulsion components. And molybdenum copper can be used in heat sinks.
2. Glass and Ceramics Industry
Molybdenum products are one of the best choices of electric heating in the glass melting process. Besides they are widely adopted for producing electrodes, stirrers, orifice plates, and mandrels.
3. Automotive Industry
High temperature spraying molybdenum wires are also used for thermal spraying transmission parts and piston rings.
4. Chemical Industry
The corrosion resistance, durability, workability and heat transfer properties of molybdenum products make them ideal materials for the challenging applications.
5. Furnace Construction and Heat Treating
They are used in the demanding applications in heat treating, sintering, brazing, annealing and other thermal processing applications.
6. They also can be applied for ion implantation in electronics and semiconductor industry.

Classification of Molybdenum Products

1. Molybdenum Wire