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Tungsten has the highest melting point (3410°C) and the lowest vapor pressure among all the metals, which makes it the best choice for a variety of high-temperature operating environment. Tungsten products feature high melting point, low thermal expansion, high resistivity, low vapor pressure, good thermal conductivity and high density. They are mainly applied in such industries as electronics, aerospace, chemical and medical industries.


Pure tungsten is mainly used for electrical and electronic equipment. Owing to its fairly high melting point, it is commonly used in aerospace and high-temperature applications, such as electronics, heating and welding. Tungsten, besides, is very hard and very close, which makes it ideal for making heavy metal alloys that can be used on armor, heat sinks and in high-density applications like ballasting, weight balancing, and boats and aircrafts ballasting. Pure tungsten products are broadly utilized for furnace parts, semiconductor substrate components, electron tube, emitting cathode for electron beam evaporation, cathode and anode for ion implantation, sintered capacitor of tube / vessel, x-ray diagnosis, crucible, heating elements, x-ray radiation shielding, sputtering target and electrode.

Classification and Overview

1. Tungsten Powder: It is the main raw material for the processing of powder metallurgy tungsten products and tungsten alloys.
2. Tungsten Granule: It is mainly used for the analysis of infrared carbon and sulfur oxide fluxing comburents while helping to reduce the melting point of the comburents and facilitate the release of carbon and sulfur.
3. Tungsten Wire: It is mainly used as tube lead, special lamp filament like Halogen Lamp Filament, heating element in high-temperature furnace, vacuum deposition material of the electronics industry, and welding electrodes.
4. Tungsten Filament: This tungsten product is applied in the fields such as thin film technology, metal evaporation, mirror processing, and picture tube industry.
5. Tungsten Rod: Sintering tungsten rod, as the material, is mainly used in pulling tungsten wire and forging tungsten rod. It is widely applied for tungsten crucible's supports in the sapphire growth furnace, electrodes, heating elements, connections and support rods in high-temperature furnace and electrodes in the rare earth metal industry.
6. Tungsten Plate and Sheet: This tungsten product is widely used as reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces applied in vacuum furnace, sputtering target applied in plasma coating film, and as high temperature resistance boats, and parts in the ion implantation industry.
7. Tungsten Sheet: It is used in high and extremely high temperatures, as equipment for high-temperature furnaces (heat screens, supports and other reinforcing elements) and also in the aerospace industry.
8. Tungsten Boat: This tungsten product is used as a special and effective boat vessel, which is widely used in metal evaporation, electron beam splash, and the heat process with sintering and annealing in vacuum coating industries.
9. Tungsten Electrode: It features high melting point, corrosion resistance, high density and good heat conduction, and is mainly used for welding.
1) Pure Tungsten Electrode: This tungsten product is widely used as welding electrode under AC condition.
2) Thoriated Tungsten Electrode: It is exceptional for DC electrode negative or straight polarity on carbon and stainless steel, nickel and titanium applications.
3) Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode: Like ceriated electrodes, it allows the arc to be started and maintained at lower voltages.
4) Cerium Tungsten Electrode: It's chiefly used for DC welding in the low current environment.
10. Tungsten Crucible: This tungsten product is widely used as the core containers in the industrial furnaces like sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, single crystal furnace, induction furnace and rare earth smelting furnace.
11. Tungsten Tube: Tungsten tube products are chiefly utilized for thermocouple protection tubes in the high temperature furnace, and supporting parts in the sapphire crystal furnace and high temperature sintering furnace, etc.
12. Tungsten Target: This tungsten product is mainly applied in the fields of aerospace, rare earth smelting, electric light, chemical equipment, medical equipment, metallurgical machinery, smelting equipment and petroleum, etc.
1) Pure Tungsten Target: It has great machining property and high-temperature property, can withstand extreme thermal stress in temperatures of over 2,000℃.
2) Tungsten Alloy Target: It can be applied in a great many of fields like aerospace, rare earth smelting, electric light, chemical equipment, medical equipment, metallurgical machinery, smelting equipment and petroleum.
13. Tungsten Rhenium Wire: This tungsten product is mainly used for the production of dual tungsten rhenium wires, electrodes of high-performance lamps, electrodes of laser and cathodes of electron tubes, etc.
14. Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple: It can partially substitute for platinum and rhodium thermocouple as ultra-high temperature measurement tools used in high-tech metallurgical industry, high-temperature electronic thermoelectric system structure engineering and space delivery vehicles, and nuclear reactors.
15. Tungsten Fabricated Products: Those tungsten products are widely used in high temperature field and medical mask field, especially in aerospace and nuclear industries and other cutting-edge fields where they takes up an indispensable position.
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