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Infiltrated Tungsten

Tungsten-based infiltrated metals, with either copper or silver as Image 4.jpg infiltrants, have been widely used in industry for many years. The major uses include missile vector control vanes, nozzle and throat materials, missile plume deflector shields, electrical contacts, resistance welding contacts, and porous emitters.
Products and sizes currently available:
Final machined hardware
Machining blanks
Billets up to 10" (254 mm) in diameter by 10" (254 mm) long
Slabs up to 6" x 10" x 10" (152 mm x 254 mm x 254 mm)

Infiltrated Tungstens

  • Specialist tungsten and tungsten carbide manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese Mainland.
  • Properties of the element, including its history, applications, and characteristics.
  • Manufacturer of pure tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder.
  • Tungsten Copper Alloy for Wheels

  • Singapore distributor of engineering materials, aluminium, bronze alloys, brass alloys, copper alloys, stainless steel, EDM graphite, lead sheet, tungsten and other special alloys.
  • Specialist tungsten and tungsten carbide manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese Mainland.
  • Produces high performance engineered materials, alloys and ceramic substrates containing beryllium, bronze, copper and tungsten. Includes technical data.
  • Vacuum Infiltration

  • Vacuum cleaners, Floor buffers, central vacuum cleaner systems, and vacuum bags. Also provides a vacuum cleaner buying guide.
  • Website on urban exploration, featuring a webring, dictionary, and many pointers.
  • From the Internet Center for Anti-Racism Europe.
  • Vacuum Sintering Furnace used for Silicon Infiltration

  • Manufacturer of high temperature inert gas atmosphere vacuum furnaces for sintering and research.
  • Italy. Designs and manufactures standard and customized horizontal, vertical, and special purpose vacuum furnaces. Applications include hardening, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, brazing, and powder sintering.
  • India. Manufactures variety of vacuum furnaces for heat treatment applications, including hardening, annealing, brazing, and sintering. Site provides photos, diagrams, and specifications of available models.
  • Infiltrated Tungsten